artists statement

Art class was the only subject that held my attention.  Learning about math, science, and history just didn’t draw me in like painting a picture did.  Art was and is the only thing that comes naturally.  I love detail, texture and the manipulation and blending of colors.

Portraying on canvas a sparkling dew drop on a spider web or the infinitely delicate veins  of a butterfly wing or the deep soulful look in an old man’s eye are just some of my favorite subjects.  Sometimes, I keep my images in black and white to help me stay clean and crisp.

 I like to dive right into a piece.  No doodling in my sketch book.  I decide what medium to  use, sketch a light outline and then plunge in.  When I do a portrait, I usually start with the eyes then build the face from there.  American Indians are a particular favorite of mine because of the wisdom, pride and sadness their faces can convey.  That sadness can draw the viewer in and hopefully a story will unfold. On the lighter side, capturing the pure majesty of a cat can bring the viewer great happiness!

 I mostly paint/draw in the studio using various reference photos.  Colored pencils are my preferred medium because it affords me the control to capture details and hence, portray  the subject better.  But I also love the chalky stark black contrast I get when using c harcoal or graphite.

  Each project consists of different subjects, often in a range of different media.  Hopefully my work will make you feel something and speak for itself – there’s isn’t a wrong or right message.  Each person can take something a bit different from the same picture and  that’s alright with me.